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Heliomolar / Ivoclar Vivadent / Universal Composite Syringe

Heliomolar / Ivoclar Vivadent / Universal Composite Syringe
Item# Heliomolar
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Product Description

Heliomolar The universal composite Heliomolar is suitable for use in both anterior and posterior teeth. This clinically tried-and-tested product has been used more than 80 million times over since it was introduced.

There are very few dental restoratives in the world on which so many successful in-depth studies have been conducted. The microfiller formula of Heliomolar imparts outstanding polishing properties to the material.


Impressive esthetics Excellent adjustment of the shade (chameleon effect) Excellent shade stability High radiopacity Exceptionally low wear Low polymerization shrinkage Continuous fluoride release


Silane Bond Enhancer Syringe 1.2mL 4/Bx Kit Pulpdent
Silane Bond Enhancer

For Bonding Composites and Resin Cements to Porcelain A single component material that increases bond strength of resin to porcelain.

Apply silane to porcelain after etching with Porcelain Etch Gel and drying with Dry-Rite.

Conveniently dispenses one drop at a time from the syringe.

Silane Kit: 4 x 1.2 mL syringes + 8 dropper tips

Instruction for Use.

PULPDENT SILANE is a single-component material which is used to promote increased bond strength between organic resins and porcelain. To achieve desired results, the etched porcelain surface must be completely dry and free of residual moisture before applying silane. ConTrolled dispensing Syringe dispensing with Pulpdent’s unique red dropper tips eliminates waste and provides controlled dispensing of silane. direCTions for use 1. Carefully follow instructions for Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel, and etch porcelain surface to be treated. Rinse and dry. 2. Apply Pulpdent Dry-Rite™ drying agent to etched surface to assure that it is completely dry. Residual moisture will adversely effect bonding. 3. Place 22-gauge red dropper tip on silane syringe and apply Pulpdent Silane Bond Enhancer to treated porcelain surface. Allow to dry. A gentle flow of uncontaminated, oil-free and moisture-free air may be applied to accelerate drying. Cap syringe immediately after use. To check air line for contamination, blow air onto the surface of dental mirror. If streaks of water or droplets of oil appear, do not use the air line for this procedure. 4. Maintain a clean, dry field. Apply unfilled resin bonding agent and proceed with your preferred restorative composite or resin cement. ----------------------------------------------------------------------



Aumentador de la adhesión - Agente de Enlace. Para facilitar el enlace entre el composite y otras resinas orgánicas a la porcelana.

El Silano de Pulpdent es un material monocomponente que se utiliza para promover la adhesión entre resinas orgánicas y porcelana. Para obtener los resultados deseados, la superficie de porcelana a ser grabada deberá estar completamente seca y libre de humedad residual antes de la aplicación del silano.

Instrucciones de Uso

1. Siga cuidadosamente las instrucciones del Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel para grabar la superficie de porcelana. Enjuague y seque.

2. Aplique Pulpdent Dry Rite, agente de secado, sobre la superficie para asegurar que el secado haya sido perfecto. Cualquier humedad residual va a afectar negativamente la adhesión.

3. Coloque el pico sobre la jeringa de silano y aplique el agente de Unión de Silano Pulpdent sobre la superficie de porcelana tratada. Déjelo secar por un minuto. Si no se ha secado en ese lapso, sople con aire de la jeringa triple, cuidando que éste no contenga aceite ni humedad. Tape inmediatamente la jeringa. A fin de controlar la calidad del aire, sople con la jeringa sobre la superficie de un espejo dental. Si aparecen marcas o gotitas de agua, no deberá usarse este aire para el procedimiento.

4. Mantenga un campo limpio y seco y aplique cemento dual para el cementado.
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